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In July 2007, the co-founders of Urban Hands, Jim Lustig and Don Platt, began providing one meal a week to residents of Tent City III, one of Seattle’s homeless camps. Urban Hands officially began in 2009 out of the founders’ passion to continue feeding and caring for the homeless community, as well as other food-insecure residents in the Seattle area. Utilizing many of the resources provided by The Upper Crust Catering, such as kitchen, refrigeration, & office space, we have established a culture in which anyone in need of a hot meal and inviting atmosphere can be fed and be known.

Through this spirit of partnership, Urban Hands is able to extend meals to local organizations that already have relationships with people in need.  Tent City , Community Dinners, and Street Youth Ministries are a few of our long-term meal partners who serve homeless individuals all across the city.


We are a 100% vegan company, dedicated to crafting food that is as wholesome and nutritious as it is delicious.

Our story began in 2004 when I learned that I needed a triple-bypass heart surgery. This wake-up call led to a personal commitment to a vegan lifestyle. After trying many unsatisfying products, I began to wonder if there was any good vegan food out there. My friend, Don, and I decided to head into our catering kitchen and start creating our own tasty vegan dishes. Since then, as Harbor Creek Farms, we have served thousands of vegan products and are excited to offer the best of these to you!

Founded on the principles of community, caring, and good health, Harbor Creek Farms is dedicated to supporting our neighbors. As part of our community involvement, we set aside a portion of our profits to provide community meals for many homeless people in our area. Please join us as we eat, enjoy life, build community, and feed the hungry together!

Jim Lustig, Founder

To learn more about how we help impact the community please read below or go to: Urban Hands. To learn more about Jim's journey from avid meat eater to vegan entrepreneur please got to: Jim Lustig

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