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Meet Our Team: TeamMember


President and Owner

Jim's entrepreneurial interests started at a young age. Jim's father was a Butcher and Grocer and owned many Grocery stores in the Seattle area. Jim worked hard as a youngster and bought his first piece of property at the young age of 13. Jim's interests took him up to Alaska where he started managing all of the in-flight meals for Alaska Airlines. Jim then decided that it was time to head back to Seattle where he and his father started The Upper Crust Catering and Delis. Jim ended up buying The Upper Crust from his dad. After some unfortunate health issues Jim became vegan, and while Jim was used to eating meat, dairy, and fish, it took him awhile to fully adjust to his new diet. While trying to find products to eat, he had his catering staff try to come up with vegan items that he liked. This sparked the creation of Harbor Creek Farms. Jim's other interests include: classic cars, running, real estate, working with college kids and helping homeless.



General Manager

Don wears many hats, he isn't just the GM, he is also the face of Harbor Creek Farms, and he is the co-founder of Urban Hands. Don graduated from Horst Mager Culinary Institute in Portland then moved to Seattle shortly after and started working at The Upper Crust Catering In 1985. Don is the person responsible for coming up with great tasting vegan food that everyone can enjoy. Don has helped to further Harbor Creek Farms social mission by working with and local tent cities to provide food. Don is also helping train some of our area's at risk youth. Don's other interests are his husband Wil, his 3 birds, gardening and sky diving.


Head Chef

Jesse has spent most of his professional life in construction and roofing, but Harbor Creek Farms was in need of a chef and Jesse stepped up to the plate. Since Jesse grew up hungry and knows what it’s like to have an empty stomach. Jesse is very passionate about helping to feed the community so no child has to grow up the way he did. Jesse was also very instrumental in cleaning after the gas explosion in on Greenwood in Seattle in March of 2016. Jesse's other interests include: his cat (Fatty), bowling, and helping people in need, and skydiving.

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Working Chef

Gregory has an extensive culinary history. Gregory graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute. Greg has been a blessing ever since he started working here, and is in charge of putting together Urban Hands Community Meals. Gregory has helped grow Urban Hand's reach with his involvement and mentorship at South Lake High School in Seattle, as well as his continued involvement and growth in D.A.D.S. Gregory is also involved in a prison ministry that gives inmates hope as they are getting ready to leave the prison system. Gregory other interests include: his wife Elaine, traveling and is an avid sports fan, Gregory also really enjoys being around water.


Operations Associate

David came to Harbor Creek Farms by way of Urban Hands fellowship program, which aids at-risk youth in finding employment with a holistic approach. We are glad to have David on board he has been a great asset to our company. David's other interests include: his boyfriend Angel, studying/riding public transportation, biking and hiking.

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Jeremy Scranton

Chief Development Officer

Jeremy has worked with Harbor Creek Farms helping to develop new products throughout the years, but has never been officially employed by Harbor Creek Farms until recently. Jeremy brings us his leadership skills and creativity that he has cultivated while working with The Upper Crust Catering, as well as being a department manager at a large retail store in Alaska, Jeremy also was as the head of a department at a big online marketing company. We are happy to bring Jeremy on board full time. Jeremy’s other interests include: drawing, sports, and real estate.

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